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Programmes with limited evidence

Limited Evidence of Effectiveness: Strong Evidence of Modest Effects

At least one qualifying study with an effect size of +0.10 or more.

Available in the UK

Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader aims to help teachers make data-based decisions in order to meet the needs of diverse students.
Type ICT Available in UK Yes
Contact/ Website UK website: www.renaissance-learning.co.uk (Product training available)

Not available in the UK

Benchmark Detectives

Teachers receive monthly professional development in the use of cognitive and metacognitive reading strategies across the curriculum.

Type IP, Strategy Available in UK No
Contact/ Website US website: www.benchmarkschool.org/word_id_intro.html

Structured pair learning strategy in which children take turns as teachers and learners.
Type IP, Co-operative Learning Available in UK No
Contact/ Website

US website: www.kc.vanderbilt.edu/pals (Teacher manuals can be ordered through this site)


Type Curr + IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website  

Strategy Intervention Model

Low-achieving secondary school-age students are taught metacognitive reading strategies, especially paraphrasing, to help them comprehend text.

Type IP + strategy Available in UK No
Contact/ Website

US website: www.ku-crl.org

Talent Development Middle School

Comprehensive school reform model designed to change school organization, management, curriculum, and instruction. Teachers stay with the same class for multiple years, and are given ongoing professional development.
Type IP, CRS Available in UK No
Contact/ Website

US website: www.csos.jhu.edu/tdhs

Voyager Passport

Voyager Passport combines large and Small group instruction, computer activities, and other elements to create a complete instructional approach.

Type ICT + IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website www.voyagerlearning.com/passport/index.jsp

Secondary reading

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