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Other Ratings

Insufficient Evidence

Accelerated Math (ICT)
Connected Mathematics (MC)
I Can Learn (ICT)
Interactive Mathematics Program (MC)
Learning Logic Lab (ICT)
Mastery Learning (IP)
Mathematics in Context (MC)
McDougal-Littell (MC)
Prentice Hall Algebra (MC)
SIMMS Integrated Mathematics (MC)
University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP) (MC)

N No Qualifying Studies


BBC Active, Bitesize (Curr)
Heinemann, Level Up Maths (Curr/ICT)
Longman (Curr)
Edexcel (Curr)
Number Line (ICT)
Mathematical Toolkit (ICT)
Maths Alive! (ICT)


Adventures of Jasper Woodbury Series
CAP Mnemonic Instruction
College Preparatory Mathematics, Foundations for Algebra
Concepts in Algebra, Everyday Learning
CORD Contextual Mathematics, CORD Applied Mathematics, CORD Algebra 1
Destination Math
Focus on Algebra, Addison Wesley Longman
Fun Math
Generalizable Mathematics Skills Instructional Intervention
Geometric Supposers
Glencoe Pre-Algebra

Secondary maths

What works in teaching maths?

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