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Other ratings

Insufficient Evidence of Effectiveness

One or more qualifying studies did not meet the criteria for “Limited Evidence of Effectiveness”.

Insufficient Evidence Accelerated Reader (ICT)
Classworks (ICT)
Elements of Reading: Comprehension (Curr)
Elements of Reading: Fluency (Curr)
Elements of Reading: Vocabulary (Curr)
Failure Free Reading (IP)
Fast ForWord (ICT)
Fluency Formula (Curr)
Harcourt (Curr)
Houghton Mifflin (Curr)
Jacobs Ladder (Curr)
Jostens (ICT)
Kaplan SpellRead (Curr & IP)
Reading Together (IP)
Responsive Classroom (IP)
Rigby (Curr) Reading Street (Curr)
Success in Reading and Writing (IP)
Wilson Reading (Curr + IP)

N No Qualifying Studies

No studies met inclusion standards

UK programmes lacking qualifying studies:

Can Do Cubes, Can Do Education www.candocubes.com/synthetic-phonics.php

Collins Big Cat www.collinseducation.com/

Collins Big Cat Phonics www.collinseducation.com/

Collins Primary Literacy, Collins www.collinseducation.com/Primary

Dandelion Readers, Phonic Books www.phonicbooks.co.uk

Debbie Hepplewhite’s Online Synthetic Phonics Programme , Phonics International www.phonicsinternational.com

Destination Literacy www.riverdeep-learning.co.uk

Discovery World (Heinemann/Pearson) /www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk/

EasyTech www.learnpath.com

Easyread, Oxford Learning www.easyreadsystem.com

Fast Phonics First/ Rigby Star Phonics (Heinemann) www.rigbystar.co.uk/fpf/

Fireflies (Oxford Reading Tree) http://fds.oup.com/www0.oup.com/ort/3/fireflies.html

Floppy’s Phonics (ORT) http://fds.oup.com/www0.oup.com/ort/3/floppysphonics.html

Fun with Phonics, BBC Active www.bbcactivefunwithphonics.com

Kids & Co (Rising Stars) www.risingstars-uk.com

Kar2ouche www.kar2ouche.com

KnowledgeBox http://uk.knowledgebox.com/standard.html

Letterland, Letterland International www.letterland.com

Letters and Sounds: Principles and practice of high quality phonics, National Literacy Strategy www.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/clld

Lexia Early, Foundation and Quick Reading Test, Lexia www.lexiauk.co.uk

Lighthouse (Heinemann/Pearson) www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk

Literacy Evolve (Pearson Education) www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk

Literacy World , Heinemann www.heinemann.co.uk/Primary/Primary.aspx

Longman, various titles www.longman.co.uk/

Nessy Learning Programme, Net Educational Systems www.nessy.com/nessylearningprogramme

Oxford Reading Tree, OUP www.oxfordprimary.co.uk

PM (Nelson Thornes) www.nelsonthornes.com/pm/

POPAT: Programme of Phoneme Awareness Training www.popat.co.uk

Read Write Inc, OUP www.oxfordprimary.co.uk

Say Cheese! Early Years and Say Cheese Infants Contact: jamie.bayliss@sherston.co.uk

Rigby Star, Heinemann www.rigbystar.co.uk

Snapdragons (Oxford Reading Tree) http://fds.oup.com/www0.oup.com/ort/3/snapdragons.html

Songbirds (Oxford Reading Tree) http://fds.oup.com/www0.oup.com/ort/3/songbirds.html

Splash Phonics (Rising Stars) www.risingstars-uk.com

Storyworlds (Heinemann/Pearson) www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk

Tell a Tale 2 www.4mation.co.uk

If you use programmes which are not listed here, please let us know


100 Book Challenge
ABD's of Reading
Academy of Reading
Accelerated Literacy Learning
Achieve 3000
AfterSchool KidzLit
Alphabetic Phonics
Barton Reading & Spelling System
Be a Better Reader
Breakthrough to Literacy
Caught Reading
Charlesbridge Reading Fluency
Compass Learning (current version)
Comprehension Plus
Comprehension Upgrade
Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI)
Cross-Aged Literacy Program
Destination Reading
Direct Instruction
Disciplinary Literacy
Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself
Dolch® Reading Program
Early Success
Edmark Reading Program
Electronic Bookshelf
Essential Learning Systems
Fast Track Reading
First Steps
Fluency First
Fluent Reader
FOCUS Reading and Language Program
Funnix Reading Programs
Glass-Analysis method
Great Leaps
Headsprout Early Reading
Hooked on Phonics
The Imagination Station
Imagine It!
IndiVisual Reading
Intensive Reading Strategies Instruction (IRSI) Model
Intensive Supplemental Reading
Invitations to Literacy
Irlen Method
Junior Great Books
Kaplan SpellRead
KidBiz3000 and TeenBiz 3000
Knowledge Box
K-W-L strategy
Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling
Language First!
Language for Thinking
LeapTrack Assessment &Instruction System
Learning to Read
Learning Experience Approach
Learning Upgrade
Like to Read
The Literacy Center
Literacy Seminar
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Treasures
Making Connections
McGraw-Hill Reading
Merit Software
Open Book Anywhere
Open Book to Literacy
Open Book Anywhere
Orton-Gillingham Approach
Phonetics First-Focus on Sounds
Phonics First Foundations
Phonics and Friends
Phonics for Reading
Project Read
Putting Reading First in Your Classroom
Questioning the Author
Quicktionary Reading Pen II
READ 180
Read Naturally
Read Now
Read, Write & Type!
Reading Apprenticeship
Reading in the Content Areas
Reading Horizons
Reading to Learn
Reading Plus
Reading Success
Reading Triumphs
Reading Upgrade
Reciprocal Teaching
Rosetta Stone Literacy
Saxon Phonics
Scaffolded Reading Experience
Seeing Stars
SIM-Stategic Instruction Model
Six Minute Solution
Smart Way Reading and Spelling
Soar to Success
Soliloquy Reading Assistant
Sound Sheets
Spalding Method
S.P.I.R.E. and Sounds Sensible
Spell Read P.A.T.
SRA Reading
STEPS (Sequential Teaching of Explicit Phonics and Spelling)
Strategic Literacy Initiative
Teaching Reading Essentials
Text Mapping Strategy
Text Talk
Thinking Works
Transactional Strategies Instruction
Tune in to Reading
Visualizing and Verbalizing
Vocabulary Improvement Program
Voices Reading
Voyager TimeWarp Plus
Voyager Passport
Waterford Early Reading System
Wisconsin Design for Reading Skills Development (WDRSD)
Wright Group LiteracyWriteToLearn

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