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Programmes with limited evidence

Limited Evidence of Effectiveness: Strong Evidence of Modest Effects

Studies would have met the criteria for “Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness” except that the weighted mean effect size is +0.10 to +0.19.

Not available in the UK

Open Court Reading
A basal text book series that uses phonetic readers in early years, a focus on direct instruction of specific skills throughout the programme, scripted teachers manuals, teacher training, and follow-up.
Type Curr Available in UK No
Contact/ Website US website: www.sraonline.com/oc_home.html

Limited Evidence of Effectiveness: Weak Evidence with Notable Effects

A weighted mean effect size of at least +0.20 based on one or more qualifying studies insufficient in number or sample size to meet the criteria for “Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness”.

Available in the UK


Supplementary integrated learning system. Also provides computer assisted programmes for home use. UK website: (Product
Type ICT Available in UK Yes
Contact/ Website UK website: www.platolearning.co.uk (Product training available)

My Reading Coach

Software designed to help primary school-age children learn to read. It focuses on phonics, word structure, vocabulary, and comprehension. The software is used for one lesson daily.

Type ICT Available in UK Yes
Contact/ Website www.myreadingcoach.co.uk


A supplementary programme designed to increase fluency, build vocabulary and background knowledge, and improve comprehension.

Type Curr Available in UK Yes
Contact/ Website

Website: www.quickreads.org Available to purchase from: sheila.crowe@pearson.com

Not available in the UK

Carbo Reading Styles

Strategy where teaching is adapted to suit pupils' diverse reading styles. Teachers learn to identify and accommodate reading style strengths using the Reading Style Inventory and emphasis is placed on the use of: coloured overlays to reduce visual dyslexia; specially recorded, high-interest reading materials that increase reading fluency and comprehension; modelling reading methods (neurological impress, echo reading, recordings, choral reading); tactile and kinesthetic skill work; and reading methods that match a student's Reading Style strengths.
Type IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website

US website: www.nrsi.com US contact: readingstyle@nrsi.com

Exemplary Center for Reading and Instruction (ECRI)

A professional development programme that emphasizes individualised instruction, positive reinforcement, and constant assessment of children’s mastery levels.
Type IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website

E-mail: ereid@xmission.com Website: www.ecri.cc

Fast ForWord

Computerised programme designed to strengthen memory, attention, and mental processing.
Type ICT Available in UK No
Contact/ Website Website: www.scilearn.com/

Literature-Based Program

A reading approach that supplements traditional basal textbooks with extensive literature in many genres, independent reading and writing periods, directed reading/listening thinking activities, read-aloud sessions, and classroom literacy centres.
Type IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website E-mail: lmorro@rutgers.edu

OpenBook to Literacy

A software programme that uses a combination of voice, text, pictures, video, and graphics to teach reading in a self-paced individualised format, as a supplement to classroom instruction.


Available in UK No
Contact/ Website

E-mail: Sales@openbooksoftware.com

Website: www.openbooklearning.com

Structured pair learning strategy in which children take turns as teachers and pupils to learn a structured sequence of literacy skills. These include phonemic awareness, phonics, sound blending, passage reading, and story re-telling.
Type IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website US website: www.kc.vanderbilt.edu/pals/

Reader’s Theater

A co-operative learning method designed to enhance pupils’ reading by having them read the scripts of plays.
Type IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website

Complete contact form at: www.scholastic.custhelp.com

Website: www.teacher.scholastic.com

Reciprocal Teaching

An instructional strategy in which pupils work in small groups to help one another generate their own questions about a text they are reading, summarise parts of the text, clarify word meanings and confusing text passages, and predict what might come next.
Type IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website E-mail: annemari@umich.edu

Strategy Instruction (Belgian Model)

Belgian strategy instruction programme that focuses cognitive and metacognitive skills such as summarisation, graphic organizers, and prediction to help pupils comprehend text.
Type IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website E-mail: Hilde.Vankeer@ugent.be

Thinking Maps

A programme that teaches pupils to use graphic organizers to help them understand concepts.
Type IP Available in UK No
Contact/ Website

E-mail: office@thinkingmaps.com

Website: www.thinkingmaps.com

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