The Reading Edge

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For more on the review of The Reading Edge programme, read the BEE review of secondary reading.

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Primary schools

A version of The Reading Edge called CIRC is designed for primary school pupils. This is reviewed separately.

Secondary schools

The Reading Edge has moderate evidence of effectiveness. Two qualifying studies included in this review showed mean effect sizes of +0.15 and +0.33.

The Reading Edge

The Reading Edge is a co-operative learning programme for secondary students, in which they work in four or five-member teams to help one another build reading skills. Based on a programme called Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition (CIRC) which is used with upper primary school pupils, The Reading Edge has students engage in partner reading, story retelling, story-related writing, word mastery, and story-structure activities to prepare them and their teammates for individual assessments that form the basis for team scores. Instruction focuses on explicit teaching of metacognitive strategies. Students are grouped according to their reading levels, rather than by age.

NB The Reading Edge is similar to Student Team Reading, which is reviewed separately.