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Success for All (school reform)

Primary schools

Success for All has strong evidence of effectiveness in primary schools. According to the Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center (CSRQ)*, the average effect size was +0.32 across 23 qualifying studies.

Secondary schools

Success for All ‘Middle School’ (for students aged 10-14) has moderate evidence of effectiveness in secondary schools. According to the Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center (CSRQ), the average effect size was +0.30 across two qualifying studies.

Success for All

Success for All (SFA) aims to help all pupils achieve at the highest possible levels, but especially those who are disadvantaged or at risk. The SFA Foundation helps schools identify and implement a set of strategies and instructional programmes that support every child who is not making adequate progress.

The model’s goal is to help transform schools through programmes that are research-based, and proven to work. The instructional practices and procedures focus on co-operative learning, systematic phonics, family support, tutoring for struggling pupils, and aligned professional development and materials. The model targets achievement outcomes in reading and writing, and non-achievement outcomes in attendance, retention and promotion, and discipline rates.

In addition to its comprehensive school reform model for children aged 4-14, SFA also offers specific reading and mathematics interventions. See Student Teams-Achievement Divisions, Cooperative Integrated Reading Composition (CIRC), The Reading Edge, and Student Team Reading.



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More on Success for All

For more details of the Success for All programmes, visit www.successforall.org.uk.