Plato (mathematics)

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For more on the review of the Plato maths programme, read the BEE review secondary mathematics.

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Primary schools

NThere are no qualifying studies of Plato in primary schools.

Secondary schools

Plato has limited evidence of effectiveness in secondary schools. The two qualifying studies included in this review showed effect sizes of +0.21 and +0.29.

About Plato

The Plato Web Learning Network aims to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics using ICT. It encourages pupils to focus on processes rather than just solutions, try out their own techniques, and work with other pupils and share ideas, as well as studying individually.

Plato is an example of an ICT intervention in which the computer largely replaces the teacher, providing core instruction, opportunities for practice, assessment, and prescription, all tailored to the needs of each pupil. The teacher’s role in programmes such as these is to circulate among pupils, provide encouragement and answer questions, but not to provide extensive direct instruction.