Edison Schools (school reform)

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For more on the review of the Edison Schools programme, read the BEE review of education service providers.

More on Edison Schools

For more details of the education service provider Edison Schools, visit www.edisonschools.co.uk.

Primary and secondary schools

Edison Schools has moderate evidence of effectiveness, according to the Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center (CSRQ).

About Edison Schools

Edison Schools is a for-profit education service provider that was created to raise pupil achievement through research-based school design, management services, and professional development. Edison is a US programme that is also available in the UK.

Edison seeks to establish schools where all pupils can receive a high-quality education, and reach high academic standards in a full range of subjects but particularly in literacy and maths. Edison also stresses character development. There is a curriculum for all core content areas, with increased time for core academic subjects through extended school days and dedicated instructional blocks, and designing benchmark assessments. Edison Schools also focuses on professional development, relationships with parents and the community, and integrating technology.